Andrew Carroll, Franzis Althaus, Robin Beaman, Ariell Friedman, Daniel Ierodiaconou, Tim Ingleton, Alan Jordan, Michelle Linklater, Jacquomo Monk, Alix Post, Rachel Przeslawski, Jodie Smith, Marcus Stowar, Maggie Tran & Aaron Tyndall

Left: Australian Institute of Marine Science; Centre: Geoscience Australia; Right: Marine National Facility.

Chapter citation:
Carroll A, Althaus F, Beaman R, Friedman A, Ierodiaconou D, Ingleton T, Jordan A, Linklater M, Monk J, Post A, Przeslawski R, Smith J, Stowar M, Tran M, Tyndall A. 2020. Marine sampling field manual for towed underwater camera systems. In Field Manuals for Marine Sampling to Monitor Australian Waters, Version 2. Przeslawski R, Foster S (Eds). National Environmental Science Programme (NESP).

Chapter Contents
Platform Description
Towed Underwater Cameras in Marine Monitoring
Pre-survey Preparations
Field Procedures
Seabed hook-up procedures
Operation completion
Onboard data processing and storage
Post-survey Procedures
Data processing
Annotation framework
Data curation and quality control
Data release
Data analysis
Field Manual Maintenance

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